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Valve future trends
  Published Time2013-11-29
With increasing levels of economic development of large sets of foreign technology , a series of new equipment and stand-alone, foreign petrochemical enterprises mainly produce direct digital control process has been achieved , and some also implements hierarchical control computer . Ethylene ammonia , urea , synthetic fibers , synthetic rubber and synthetic plastics and other chemical companies to achieve universal circuit detection , alarm , and some companies have achieved partial automation.
    Currently, foreign 200 000 kW or more generally to large generators computer control development ; nuclear power plants generally controlled by computer ; many countries long pipeline system controlled by computer and equipped with microwave communications system , master control room staff on duty only need twenty-three , you can monitor the full range of work on TV.
    With the improvement of various types of equipment, processes and performance , foreign valve series of varieties still growing in recent years, there have been many new varieties of valves in addition to general manual, mechanical , electrical , pneumatic, hydraulic transmission, power hydraulic connections , gas-liquid connections, automatic control valves increasing variety , and there is a tendency for further development. Such as: emergency shut-off valve , fast switching valves, dampers, anti-static valve , reducing temperature valve, butterfly valve, pressure relief valves, vacuum jacketed valve , water-cooled or air-cooled valve, safety valve, safety shutoff valves other new valves, ball valves which generic , flat gate valve and is 20 years of the fastest growing valve varieties.


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