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Market rebound dawn forging industry
  Published Time2013-11-29
Since last year, under the influence of the financial crisis, a considerable part of the forging industry companies drastically reduced orders, some even in the closed state. "Although the association has not yet conducted detailed statistical analysis , but according to our usual understanding of the industry to grasp , preliminary estimates , this year's production fell by about 20% to 25% , with sales expected to decline 30% to 40% , the sharpest decrease in profits , will reach 80 % to 90% . " recently, China forging Association executive vice president , Secretary-General Zhang Jin told ," said China Industry News "reporter . But he also said that despite the large magnitude of the decline , most enterprises have not loss. In particular, starting from September , the market has begun to show signs of recovery , into October , the market is heating up even more obvious, which makes forging business in 2009, the last time to see a little hope.
"Crises " in the " machine"
" The financial crisis while making a great impact on the domestic forging industry , but compared with foreign forging company, after all, a much smaller impact , which created favorable conditions for domestic enterprises to enhance the international competitiveness of forging , which is what we say 'danger ' has ' machine ' . " Zhang said Kim.
He believes that in the current financial crisis on the global economy has not completely subsided premise , forging enterprises should grasp the following points :
First , try to recover funds to ensure that funds flow continuously . Ability to weather the storm , the key to whether a company can insist that the funds are to ensure the basic conditions of business survival. Therefore, the current enterprise must leave no stone unturned to return the funds .
Second, you can take the opportunity to carry out institutional reforms. When production of the heavy task of institutional adjustment will bring instability, thus affecting production, but it is difficult to rationalize the relationship in a short time , to form an effective process . In the case of small tasks , rationalize institutional adjustment is a good time , there will be enough time for consolidation and improvement.
Third , and product upgrades. Often drop in demand , the most competitive products are those low-end products , so now should have the option to eliminate some products vigorously develop high value-added products .
Fourth, strengthen personnel training. The competitiveness of enterprises is ultimately a talent competition, so companies should take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen personnel training, personnel must not leave the trouble , not only will lose popularity, more importantly skills pause will regress.
Fifth, pay close attention to efficiency and production rate of personnel . Pay close attention to efficiency and production staff ratio is an effective way to overcome the crisis , which not only reduces the cost of staff marked , and help reduce management costs.
Sixth, adjust their thinking and strategic technological transformation . For investments not immediately effective , it is best to stop or cancel , for it is indeed possible to promote business recovery project to stick with it , but the pace slowed down appropriately . On completion of the project can not be used immediately , it should be carefully put into operation.
Zhang Jin reminds forging companies , especially in the economic recovery phase , companies should consider their own product positioning, not blindly expand production, pay attention to the rationality of investment. Forging companies are complementary businesses, products, very non-uniform , so in the construction process , to fully take into account the distribution point to be close to the user and product -specific development. In addition, the focus on management upgrade , product upgrades, process innovation , based on forging enterprises should focus on developing a number of small -volume, high-value forgings.
Still time to close the gap
Zhang Jin pointed out that despite the financial crisis creates an opportunity for us to catch up with their foreign counterparts , but compared with their foreign counterparts , we have a big gap still exists , mainly in management is not in place, the lack of ability to develop new technology , new product development can not keep up , the per capita labor productivity needs to improve , the lack of qualified workers , product quality ( value-added ) and low areas . "To close these gaps , reach the advanced level of the forging industry will take a very long time, Chinese forging industry still has a long way to go ."
Zhang Jin think a lot of reasons for these results , focus on performance in the following areas:
First, management needs to improve . The current corporate management is more important is how the internal and external logistics , staffing, development rationalization strategy.
The second is an urgent need to improve the technology . Forging industry brains also need to be able hands of the technical staff , the industry needs highly qualified skilled workers to join.
Third, to form their own corporate culture. Currently, many companies pay little attention to forging industry corporate culture, the company's management to stay in one person or a few people 's daily " discipline " is not formed in line with their corporate culture characteristics, product characteristics, geographical features , industry characteristics .
In order to narrow the gap with foreign countries, Zhang Jin pointed out that as the focus will be on the next step of forging associations :
From the industrial nature , characteristics and development of cultural industries and other aspects to carry out research work, suggest ways in line with their actual conditions for the development of the industry ; continue to work to strengthen personnel training , personnel training and industry needs to work closely together, highlight the " special" ; guide enterprises further increase in per capita labor productivity ; Association should study how to develop the tertiary industry , how to logistics, equipment maintenance , personnel training and re-education of industrialization in the industry , so as to promote the development of industries and enterprises ; exchanges on the basis of importance , more pay attention to the dissemination of knowledge , promote and publish a summary of forging knowledge , thus to meet the new round of development .
Good momentum of development of the industry
For the future development of the industry , Zhang Jin confidence. He said that this year , the state has issued a series of expanding domestic demand, growth policy , which makes forging industry saw hope. Since the forging industry and automobiles, aircraft manufacturing , agricultural machinery, railway equipment , aerospace, weapons , shipbuilding , power generation , petrochemical and metallurgical equipment , real estate and other related industries . If in 2010 , the industry can continue to develop steadily , forging industry will maintain a good momentum of development.
From the current situation , as the financial crisis on the industry gradually weakened, foreign auto companies will increase the opportunities for forging seeking to develop in China , which makes forging domestic enterprises are facing severe challenges.
In order to enhance the competitiveness and foreign brands , the next few years , China will be a natural market forging companies eliminate backward production capacity , the phenomenon among enterprises through mergers and acquisitions , pushing the development of some large enterprises will gradually forged . With the rise of these large forging companies , they will accelerate in the original product and technology on the basis of the pace of innovation and development from extensive to intensive , high value-added direction . At the same time , domestic enterprises pay more attention to forging a fuss on labor productivity, the importance of cultural training and strengthening enterprise management efficiency is also more emphasis on ideas ,
In terms of technology , digital technology will gradually spread. Domestic enterprises pay more attention to forging forging applications of digital technology , more emphasis on the training of personnel , personnel training and the use of modern digital technology is already the only way China can quickly raise a forging industry.


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