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Installation and maintenance of ball
  Published Time2013-11-29
First, confirm that the ball valve is installed in front of the preparatory work
1, to ensure the position of the ball valve installed in a coaxial position on the pipeline , the pipeline should be kept parallel to the two flanges , confirmed the pipeline can withstand the weight of the ball itself , if the ball found the pipeline can not bear weight, before installation of the pipeline with the appropriate support.
2 , to confirm whether there are impurities , welding slag inside the pipeline , the pipeline should be purged .
3 , check the ball nameplate, fully closed and fully open ball valve operation several times to confirm the valve to work properly, once again a comprehensive examination of all the details of the valve , ensure that the valve intact.
4 , removal of the protective cover at both ends of the valve , check valve body is clean , cleaning the body cavity , the sealing surface of the ball valve is a ball shape , even small debris may also cause damage to the seal faces.
Second, the ball valve installation
1 , the ball valve can be installed in any section of the upstream end of the handle ball valve can be installed in any location pipeline , if configured actuators - Ball ( such as gear boxes , electric pneumatic actuator ) , you must be mounted vertically , the valve inlet and outlet in a horizontal position .
2 , between the ball valve flange and pipe flange design by piping installed gasket .
3 , the flange bolts need symmetry , successive , evenly tighten.
4 , if the ball taken pneumatic and electric actuators , etc. , according to the instructions to complete the gas supply, the power supply installation.
Third, check the ball after installation
1 , after the installation is complete , start the ball valve opening and closing several times , should be flexible action , even by force , valve is working properly.
2, according to the design requirements of the pipeline pressure , the pressure is detected through ball combination with the pipe flange sealing surfaces .
Fourth, the ball valve repair
1, only removable pressure ball valves before and after the demolition ball to the decomposition of the operation .
2 , the ball valve assembly further decomposition and the need to have the protective sealing parts , in particular non-metallic parts , such as the O -ring member preferably using dedicated tools.
3 , when the ball valve mounting bolts must be re- symmetry , and gradually , evenly tightened.
4 , the cleaning agent should be compatible with the ball in the rubber parts, plastic parts, metal parts and the working medium ( such as gas ) and others . Working medium for the gas used gasoline (GB484-89) to clean metal parts. Non-metallic parts cleaning with pure water or alcohol.
5 , decomposition down individual parts can be cleaned immersion methods . Impregnation still left down decomposition of non-metallic parts of the metal parts can be dry -cleaning rotor pump has a fine net of silk cleaning agent (to avoid shedding fibers adhere to the parts ) scrub. Must remove all the adhesive on the wall of grease, dirt, rubber , dust cleaning .
6 , non-metallic parts after cleaning should be immediately removed from the cleaning agent , not a long soak.
7 , after cleaning the wall needed to be washed after volatile cleaning agent ( not available cleaning agents silk soaked wipe ) for assembly, but not for a long time on hold , otherwise it will rust , contaminated dust.
8, the new parts before assembly also need to be cleaned .
9 , using grease lubrication. Grease should be compatible with the ball are metal, rubber parts, plastic parts and the working medium . Working medium for the gas , can be used such as 221 special grease . Coated on the surface of the seal member mounting groove of a thin layer of grease , a thin layer of grease applied to the rubber seal , valve stem seal surface and the friction surfaces coated with a thin layer of grease.
10 , the assembly should not allow metal debris , fibers, oils ( other than the requirement to use ) dust and other impurities , foreign matter contamination , or remain on the adhesive surface of the part or into the lumen .


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